Optimising fertility

We do fertility visits for both dairy and beef clients. Battery operated scanners are used.

Ultrasound scanners are used for individual cow pregnancy testing and assessment of ovarian function. Pregnancy testing can be performed from 30 days onwards.

For dairy cows the advantages of routine fertility visits are:

  • Vaginal checks post-calving to check for metritis and treat if necessary.
  • Assessing ovarian function of non-cycling cows to enable targeted treatment.
  • Pregnancy diagnosis from 30 days. Early detection of empty cows allows for earlier intervention, reducing the calving interval.

For beef cows the advantages of pregnancy diagnosis are:

  • Allowing a more accurate prediction of calving dates.
  • Identifying empty cows at an earlier stage.
  • Allowing earlier intervention in cases of infertility.


We can plan and implement synchronisation protocols for heifers and cows, to allow efficient use of artificial insemination.  This means that semen from high merit bulls can be used, to improve the genetic potential of replacement cattle in both beef and dairy herds.