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Health Clubs

Flock Health Club

Benefits of Membership

Our Flock Health Club is a facilitated discussion group of open proactive sheep farmers, focussing on health and productivity. Membership is open to all commercial clients with flocks large or small and we always welcome new members. Meetings are usually a very relaxed, open forum format, encouraging discussion and shared experience. You will receive;

  • Quarterly group meetings (with food!) to discuss different aspects of flock health
  • Organised on-farm visits to other club members at lambing
  • Benchmarking of production figures between members of the club (anonymised!)
  • Annual Flock Health Review
  • Discounted ram fertility checks, including semen testing
  • Discounted pre tupping trace element profiles
  • Discounted pre lambing metabolic profiles
  • Discounted faecal egg counting
  • 2 free visits fees annually at time of your choice- i.e. no visit fee
  • 1 FREE 30 minute routine vet visit at lambing (including vet time)

Smallholders Club

Smallholders Club

We have a very active smallholder client base and we welcome any owners of cattle, sheep, goats, camelids, pigs or poultry to the club.

The group is aimed to give you the knowledge you need to have a successful smallholding, introduce you to other small holders, and working with you to overcome the financial and time related challenges of running a small holding.

We must visit your stock annually to be able to legally dispense prescription medicines to you. Membership includes;

  • Annual stock check and prescribing visit or annual health review (beef and sheep)
  • Conveniently dispensed volumes of medicines and vaccines
  • Vaccination visits for clostridial vaccines pre-lambing
  • Regular meetings on relevant topics.
  • Monthly payment by Direct Debit.