Advanced Sheep Breeding

Advanced Sheep Breeding

What is Laparoscopic AI?

Following a synchronisation protocol, ewes are sedated and fresh or frozen semen is deposited directly into the uterine horns under visualisation with a laparoscope. This enables one high value ram to serve many synchronised ewes or for high genetic merit semen to be purchased to improve flock genetics.  The complex anatomy of the ewes cervix means that cervical AI (like cows) is not successful when using frozen semen.  The procedure is minimally invasive and quick.  On average, conception rates of 60-70% are expected from frozen semen, and 90%+ from fresh semen.

Semen Processing

Rams can be assessed for breeding soundness and semen can be collected, processed, frozen and stored for insurance or commercial purposes. Semen can be shipped elsewhere within the UK if your stocks have been sold to other breeders.

We hope to be able to offer embryo transfer in the near future.