Smallholders Club

No farm too small

It is not uncommon to have either pigs or poultry kept in the garden, either as pets or to provide for the table. They are regularly treated as a pet in the same fashion as either a dog or cat would be and often cared for to the same extent. However from the point of the veterinary medicines they are seen as farm animals and hence will be treated by one of our farm animal vets.

Smallholders Club

We have a very active smallholder client base and we welcome any owners of cattle, sheep, goats, camelids, pigs or poultry to the club.

We must visit your stock annually to be able to legally dispense prescription medicines to you. Membership includes;

  • Annual stock check and prescribing visit or annual health review (beef and sheep)
  • Conveniently dispensed volumes of medicines and vaccines
  • Vaccination visits for clostridial vaccines pre-lambing
  • Regular meetings on relevant topics.
  • Monthly payment by Direct Debit.