Bull and Ram Fertility

Bull and Ram Fertility

Why test my bulls and rams and what's involved?

A routine pre-breeding soundness examination is important to assess the fertility of your male stock prior to mating to ensure appropriate ratios of males to females, compact calving/lambing periods, and high conception rates. We can also assess semen in cases of suspect infertility.

Examination of internal (bulls only) and external genitalia are performed together with a full health check. Ram MOTs are performed and those suspect or older rams selected for semen evaluation. Bulls are routinely evaluated via semen assessment. Semen is collected on-farm using an electro-ejaculator, and assessed for density and motility immediately with a heated microscope in a fully mobile laboratory.

Further analysis is performed back at the laboratory, and a report, if required, can be issued within 1-3 days.

Ram Vasectomies

The “ram effect” can be used to synchronise groups of ewes and to advance the natural breeding season by a few weeks.  Using vasectomised teaser rams before tupping will ensure that this effect is optimised.  We can perform teaser surgery either on farm, or on prearranged teaser clinic dates at Cliffe Equine.