Official Veterinarians

TB Testing and more

All our farm vets are registered as Official Veterinarians (OVs) which qualifies them to perform most DEFRA tasks on behalf of the Government.

We are situated close to an area of the South Downs that has been associated with Tuberculosis in cattle and wildlife for many years. East Sussex is now considered to be an Edge area zone with annual TB testing of all cattle, as well as radial testing around breakdown farms.

Private TB testing before movement or sale of cattle can be arranged by appointment.

Other compulsory testing for notifiable diseases are carried out by our OVs eg Anthrax testing in cases of sudden death, and Brucellosis testing in cases of multiple abortion in cattle.

From 1st May 2015 all TB testing and other Official Veterinarian (OV) work in England has been provided by five regional suppliers, who are responsible for allocating local vets and ensuring testing is carried out to a high standard.

XL Farmcare South East was awarded the contract to be the service provider in our region. Cliffe Veterinary Group is a shareholder in this company and is also a supplier of official veterinary services to XL Farmcare South East Ltd.

Export certification can be arranged.

Advice on current, local notifiable disease issues eg FMD, Avian Influenza and Bluetongue is available from the practice.