Where we test your animal’s samples

Our dedicated lab technician, Sam Fry performs many routine tests in our in-house laboratory, offering you a quick turnaround on results.

In house tests include:

  • Routine biochemistry and haematology (blood tests)
  • Downer cow profiles (blood).
  • Worm egg and coccidial oocyst counts.
  • Calf scour screening.
  • Metabolic profiles of ewes pre-lambing
  • Examination of skin scraping for external parasites

External lab tests include:

  • Milk bacteriology
  • Respiratory disease virology/bacteriology
  • Serology for infectious disease, eg. BVD, Johne’s IBR etc.
  • Trace element profiles
  • Histopathology following gross post mortem
  • Abortion investigations
  • Dairy herd metabolic profiles
  • Accreditation for Premium Health Schemes

Veterinary interpretation with recommendation of treatments via telephone or email is always carried out.  Any tests that are not available in-house are couriered to an external laboratory. We have a daily collection from Lewes, ensuring samples are processed as soon as possible.

Faecal Egg Counts

Given the rapid development of anthelmintic (wormer) resistance in sheep and cattle worms, we encourage the use of faecal egg counts to determine the need for worming.  We will identify which species types are present and at what level.  Interpretation of the results will require an in depth history of your farming system, previous treatments, pasture management, age and number of stock.  Pre- and post-dosing egg counts can be performed to investigate the development of anthelmintic resistance.

To submit a faecal egg count please

  • submit 2g of faeces from 10 randomly sampled animals in each group of interest
  • keep samples separate so that we can mix them accurately
  • ensure samples are as fresh as possible; i.e. within 12 hours, or if left overnight keep them in the fridge
  • bring a detailed history of the animals sampled or complete a submission form
  • ensure samples are presented in a clean and hygienic fashion
  • samples may be submitted by post using the submission form

We are strong advocates of the SCOPS and COWS principles for worming management.