Cliffe Farm Vets – Sheep Hillside

Beef and Sheep Health Reviews

What is a health review?

An annual review considers all aspects of herd or flock health and performance, standard operating procedures, and antibiotic usage in order to improve farm productivity. We aim to identify mutually agreed targets/changes that you want to achieve in the subsequent year.  The reviews are Red Tractor compliant and we provide concise documentation following each review.

What is involved?

To arrange a health review, please contact the practice and you will be sent a data collection form to complete. This involves a herd or flock calendar, production figures and mortality data for the previous year.  At a time convenient to you, we will organise a farm visit to discuss the data provided, and all aspects of health, welfare, and productivity on the farm. The reviews are performed annually.  The cost of a review is £100 per enterprise, excluding a visit fee.

We consider all aspects of animal health, housing, pasture management, and nutrition; as well as the preventative medicine strategies such as quarantine, vaccination and worming protocols, and how any diseases are best treated.

Review documentation in the format required by farm assurance schemes or other regulatory bodies can be created for any farm enterprise.